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Ancestral Deity

Homebrew: “The Art of Gamemastery”Ancestral (Alternative Worship) [N]

Ancestral worship is tied to reverence for the dead. This obeisance can bring about mystical power. While this is not a deity, it is a form of religion available to all sorts of ancestries that had tribal or occult magics. The dead were often mummified or buried in sacred, hollowed ground. These points would be access points of power or areas where rites of ascension would take place. Ancestral worship is often tied to a specific plane or region. The dead often speak, and have a myriad of opinions. When choosing Ancestral also include if there is a period of time or a specific group of individuals that would be worshiped- some more powerful than others. Maybe your character has selected a dead relative or a figure head to seek guidance. Speak with your GM.

Edicts: Bury the dead. Perform sacred rites. Honor last requests.
Anathema: exhume the dead of your ancestors. Defile holy ground. Save defiled ground. Follower Alignments: CN, LN, N, NG, NE

Devotee Benefits
Divine Ability: Wisdom
Divine Skill: Occult
Favored Weapon: Kukri
Domains: Cities, Family, Repose, Undeath Alternate Domain: Racial Chosen; Determined by GM
Cleric Spells: 1st: Phantom Pain, 2nd: Magic Mouth, 4th: Clairvoyance

Ancestral Worshipers seek to keep their dead family interred, and answer to their whims. Every Ancestor is controlled by a different ancestry, and should be determined by the player and GM working together.

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